Evolution at 5 years of 200 implants with immediate loading on edentulous mandibles

Approved by the Ministry of Social Welfare (Ministerio de Acción Social; Resolution number 2844-07 – Sub Director Dr. Roberto Aranguren)


  • During an 18 month period, six micro screws had loosened up;  they were re adjusted without prosthetic or implantological disruptions.
  • Six prostheses (12%) were fractured, always at the distal ends without support.
  • Four were re-worked to hybrid metallic prostheses (permanent)
  • Transitory dental work was done for two patients before the hybrid prostheses could be laid in.
  • For three patients, several consultations were required until proper oral hygiene was achieved.

We thanked Doctors Jorge M. Galante and Roberto Aranguren, Director and Sub Director of the prospective, multicenter clinical study.

Photos are courtesy Doctors Jorge M Galante and Roberto Aranguren,